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Flash News

Introduction of Gandhi Kadali (Nuts)

       This is a good news for everyone. Shri Neela Sampath of Thakkolam village is a farmer by profession. Even though he was a graduate long back he opted for the agricultural profession due to his passion for the farming. The name of his farm is Thirukkural Farm where for the long time he has been practicing the natural way of farming. He never uses any chemicals in producing his products. Few years back when he was reaping his pea nuts products of JL 24 type, he observed that there were some nuts which were abnormal in size, taste etc. He carefully segregated those special nuts and out of the same he produced those special nuts in a mass scale.

    It was found out that the taste of the nuts was something special from the regular ones and more importantly those were possessing less fatty oils. When Shri Sampath had shown those nuts to his friend, Shri John Dhanraj who is also a natural farmer, he pointed out that those nuts are actually mass-produced in Gujarat and therefore the name of 'Gandhi Kadalai' was given to them. Thus born the Gandhi Kadali. These special nuts were slowly distributed to all the farmers available in and around Thakkolam initially. Now at present, it has spread to almost all over Tamil Nadu. It was also found that the harvest of those nuts gives more profit than that of the regular ones.