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   Majority population of the town particularly from the Vanniar community is still engaged in farming and other agricultural activities. A sizeable population particularly from the Sengunthar community is involved in weaving activities including hand-loom and power-loom sectors. Another sizeable population is serving the government sector, particularly the teaching profession.

   As a sequel to the economic boom our country had in the current decade, a lot of people from the town had opted for various sundry jobs available in a number of factories which were established near Chennai and Sriperumpudhur. As happened elsewhere, such migration of the working population affected adversely the main economic activities of the town i.e. agriculture and weaving. As the young working population was attracted towards various company jobs, the farming and the weaving professions are left with only the ageing working population of the town.

   To sustain the economic activities, the town has two banks, a branch of Union Bank of India and a Primary Agricultural Cooperative Bank

The Cooperative Bank

   It was started in 1956 itself and it has been doing a yeoman service to the inmates of not only Thakkolam but also to other surrounding villages particularly for those involved in farming and other agricultural activities including raising of the live stock of animals. Main activity of the bank is to extend the credit facilities to the farmers. The telephone number of the bank is 04177 246280.





The Union Bank of India

   The branch of the Union Bank of India was stared in Thakkolam in October 1973. This is the only public sector of bank located in around Thakkolam. The bank has been helping the inmates of Thakkolam and other surrounding villages involved in not only the commercial activities but also in the agricultural activities. At present it has been dealing with more than 11000 customers. The telephone number of the bank is 04177-246224.