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     T   H   A   K   O   L   A  M     T   E   M   P   L   E     C   I   T   Y ....
Jalanatheeswarar Temple

   It is the most important temple located in Thakkolam village. It was constructed during the regime of Pallava king Abarajitha Varman in 876 AD as a stone temple. The rajagopura of the temple was, however, constructed later during the regime of Vijayanagara King Veera Pradhaba Sadasiva Maharayar in 1543 AD.

   The principal deity of the temple is Lord Jalanatheeswarar accompanied by Lordess Giriraja Kannigambal. The Linga here is called Theendaa Thirumeni, because it is believed that the Linga established here has not been touched by anyone so far including the archagas who perform their daily duties and rituals to the deity without touching It. The wonderful aspect of the main deity here is that the Linga appears in white colour during dhakshanayan period (from first of Tamil month Thai to the month end of Aadi) and appears in pale red during uttarayan period (from first of Tamil month Aani to the month end of Marghazhi).

   The important aspect of the temple is the sight of Swami Dhakshinamoorthy which said to be in a different style from other temples of Dhakshinamoorthy Swamy. Parigara Moorthy of this temple is also Swami Dhakshinamoorthy. The pose of the Swamy is as follows:

celebration lies with various caste-based communities,
I day - Sengunthars� community
II day - Yadavas� community
III day - Rajaas� Community
IV day - Komuty Chettiars� community
V day - Vanniyars� community
VI day - Vaania Chettiars� community
VII day - Car festival � Nadars� community
VIII day - Beri Chettiars� community
IX day - Kondhaliars� community
X day - Sengunthars� community

   One of the four great saivite saints-cum-poets, St Thirungana Sambandar visited this temple and rendered nine verses in praise of the Lord Jalanatheeswarar. In all the verses the saint was referring to the village as Thiruvooral. It is also claimed that the other two Saints Navukkarasar and Sundara Moorthy Nayanar might have visited the village as they, in their verses, refer to Lord Jalanatheeswarar of �Vooral� and �Thiruvooral� village respectively. All the verses rendered by all those three Saints are indicated in Annexure II.

   A ten days� festival is conducted in the temple every year during the Tamil month of Chittirai. In line with the age-old tradition, the responsibility of conducting the ten days� celebration lies with various caste-based communities.

   The temple is presently under renovation and therefore the ten days� celebration has been withheld presently. The temple car is also under renovation at present.

Jalanatheeswarar Temple
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