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Somanatheeswarar Paleeswarar Thirumampayanathar

   This is another historic temple of Lord Siva located in the town. The temple structure is similar to that of the historic Lord Kailasanatha temple in Kanchipuram. The structure in these two temples is neither of stone masonry nor of the red baked brick which is used nowadays. The temple was actually constructed out of bricks made of mortar, lime and other natural sources.

   There are three stone inscriptions on the walls of this temple. These three belonged to the period of the Great Rajendra I, Vikrama Chola and Thiri Bhuvana Rajendra Chola. It is learnt from the stone inscription of the Great Rajendra I that 32 cows were donated to the temple by the King to do the pujas to the deity. Perhaps this is the reason for calling the main deity here as the Ishwara of milk.