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Panakkatu Vinayakar Ezhil Mandapa Pillaiar Vinayagar Temple

    This is an ancient temple located at the confluence of Sannadhi street and Kalyanamandapa street. The location of the temple is in such a way that the Jalanatheeswarar temple can be seen from here. The temple car of the Jalanatheeswarar temple also stands near to this temple. Another important aspect is the 'Thirukalyanam' of the Lord Jalanatheeswarar with Lordess Giriraja Kannigambal is always held in the mandapam of this temple at the eighth day festival of the Jalanatheeswarar temple.

    The temple was beautifully renovated in 2008 and 'Kumbabishekam' was done at the initiative of Shri S. Nagarajan MBA, Chairman of the Town Panchayat. This temple assumes importance from political angle also. All the political meetings of the town are being conducted at the mandapam for decades together.